Growing Up

Some big stuff has been going on with Jonah.  On Wednesday, May 20, Jonah had his last day of preschool and that night was his preschool graduation.  This year and last he attended preschool just down the street with Miss Amee.  He has loved going to school there and feels lucky that he’s one of the few kids that will still get to see her since she’s in our ward.  As we’ve gotten closer to the end of preschool I’ve noticed some changes in Jonah.  One day after school he told me they had watched the video that Miss Amee was going to show at the graduation.  It had pictures of the year and music to go along with it.  He told me that during the last song his eyes got a little bit watery.  As he continued to talk, his eyes started to get a little bit watery again.  I asked him if he was sad about graduating from preschool and he said yes.  He said he would miss playing and the Ninja Turtle bikes.  Now that is something to be sad about!  I know his five-year-old mind couldn’t grasp it, but I could see that he was sad about more than just that.

The next couple of days were a bit rough for Jonah.  One night I crawled up onto the top bunk with him and asked why he’d be acting out the way he had.  He thought for a minute and then started to cry, “I don’t want to grow up!”  It was so cute and so sad and I wanted to cry right along with him.  Growing up is tough and he has really been feeling these changes.  I laid there in his bed with him and we hid under his blanket together.

Sometimes we just need to hide under a blanket together and let it all just go away for a minute.  In that moment under the blanket, we found joy.

His graduation was adorable.  All the kids wore their dad’s white dress shirts backwards to look like graduation gowns.  Each of them had a graduation hat with a tassel.  Jonah got to lead the kids in and hold the flag while they recited the pledge.  Then they sang some of the songs they learned this past year and some of the kids got to read a short book.  Jonah read a cute little book called “Tails”.  At the end Miss Amee presented the class of 2015 and the kids threw their caps in the air! Afterward we went out for ice cream to celebrate.  Lucky for Jonah two of his school friends were there, Alexis and Ellie.  He sat at a table with the two of them and they were so cute just laughing and playing and eating their ice cream.

It’s fun to watch these kids grow up, although there are certainly times where I wish I could make it all stop. Jonah is going to be fantastic in Kindergarten. I’m so excited to watch him learn and grow and make new friends. He has such a kind heart and always wants to do good. He is full of life and never stops going. Jonah is so happy and full of life and I’m so glad I get to be his mom!