End of school days

After our trip to the great Northwest, Noah and Emmy had three more weeks left of school. These last few weeks are so fun! They were full of talent shows, end of year projects and programs, class parties and swimming lessons.

Our kids go to a great school. I have been so impressed with the community involvement. They really want it to feel like parents, students, teachers and administrators are all working together and it really does. Both Noah and Emmy participated in their class talent shows. Noah drew a picture of our campsite in the Redwoods with pencil and colored pencils and took it to show. Noah is such a talented artist and loves to draw. His picture looked great! Emmy sang a song for her talent. She chose a song that one of their babysitters, Kaitlyn, sings to them when she puts them to bed. Emmy had it completely memorized and sang it aCapella right into the microphone. I was so impressed by her confidence and her musical talent! Both Noah and Emmy had 100% attendance for the year and earned their Soaring Eagke awards. Emmy also got the most home reading minutes in her class, 6,600! And she got 100% of her assignments turned in. They are amazing students!

The kids were excited for school to get our but also seemed to get a little sad, knowing they would miss their teachers and friends. But one good thing about year round school is that their summer vacation is only 3 weeks so they don’t have to miss their friends for too long!


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