Welcome Winter!

Winter really came this year and we were so happy! After a December without snow last year and kids who missed out on sledding, snowmen and pure snow joy, we were so glad to have snow this year, and a lot of it. The kids got out of school on December 4th and don’t go back until January 4th. It’s so fun to have the entire month of December off to play and enjoy the Christmas season. We played out in the snow plenty and finally got to try out our new sleds from last year. After the first big storm we went over to a great sledding hill at the bottom of Daybreak, not far from our house. I looked up at the hill and got a little nervous as I watched Noah, Emmy and Jonah traipse up. It was huge! It didn’t seem to bother them so I just watched and waited to see how the first run went. They flew down the hill, smiling faces full of snow. They loved it and went down again and again. Sweet little Mary Jane had no desire to put on snow pants, boots a coat or even socks (she’s had a bit of a hard time adjusting to her winter wardrobe) and had zero interest in sledding so she just hung out in the car. She was totally content to sit there in her seat and watch. Isaiah came with us and he didn’t last too long in the snow so he joined Mary Jane in the car after a while. I went down the hill with the kids and Emmy and I even broke in (literally) one of the sleds after going over a bump. I think Noah would have stayed out there all day. He is fearless when it comes to sledding and just wants more.
On Christmas day we woke up to about 8 inches of snow. After opening presents and Christmas breakfast we went outside to shovel and play. The kids used the piles of snow on the sides of the driveway as snow forts and got in some good snowball throwing. We even built a tiny snowman. The steps from the deck to the patio were covered in snow so we got out the sled and Mary Jane and Emmy went sledding right there in our own yard. Mary Jane loved it and giggled each time she went down. They were so cute!
We went sledding at Sugar House with our friends the Saunders on the 30th and again Noah was unstoppable. He loves going fast, going off jumps and riding down on his stomach, face first. Mary Jane joined us this time and she loved it. She would walk about half way up the hill and then I would carry her the rest of the way. Then we’d fly down and she’d be ready to go up again. This is just our first month of winter and I foresee plenty of sledding in the future.


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